What I Learned From Re-watching The Hills in my 20s

What I Learned From Re-watching The Hills in my 20s

Ten years ago, The Hills was everything. I used to envy Lauren’s fashionable and fun life in L.A. It all seemed so perfect.

I was young and naïve at the time. The Hills was popular when I was starting my teen years. At 14 and 15 years old, I never really understood what was happening in their lives, and to be honest, I couldn’t really relate. At the time girls my age envied the show and dreamt of having a trendy and cool life in L.A. like Lauren, Whitney, and Audrina (no one envied Heidi let’s be honest).

Now, I am roughly the same age as Lauren and the girls were when they were filming the show. So, after The Hills 10 year anniversary special aired, I decided to rewatch The Hills from the beginning and see if watching it again would change the way I understood the show. What I never realized before is no matter how much money and fame you have, everyone in their 20s has the same drama, and goes through the same things.

Thank you, LC for teaching me so much that I never realized.

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What Happens When Most of Your Friends Are Guys

What Happens When Most of Your Friends Are Guys

I don’t know who coined the phrase “men and women can’t be friends,” but  I am living proof that they definitely CAN be friends.

My core group of friends is dominated by guys. Sure, I have my close girlfriends of course, but I have a solid crew of dudes I am completely comfortable being around without the fear of a potential move being made. Netflix and chill, sans sex.

One of my oldest and best friends is a guy, and I am still close friends with the guys I went to elementary and high school with.

Since I spend so much time around my guy friends, I have begun to notice a thing or two. This is what happens, when most of your friends are guys (please note that these are just my personal experiences with my guy friends, I obviously do not speak for every group of friends, duh). Enjoy.

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6 Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Lazy Girls

mean girls

With Halloween coming up this weekend, everyone is scrambling to finish the final touches on their costumes. I am not personally a huge fan of Halloween, mostly because it scares me, and also because it’s stressful and expensive. I refuse to spend a hundred dollars on a trashy costume I am going to wear once. There are some people who are so into Halloween they’ve been preparing since Easter to make sure their costume is perfect. Me? I can’t be bothered to think about Halloween until the last week of October and by then it’s already too late because you’re scrambling to figure something out. That being said, I decided to make a list of costumes that are very low maintenance, and are perfect for those last minute and cheap Halloween goers like myself.

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The 7 Most Cliché Things Your Family Says to You When You’re Single

New Girl - Taylor Swift alone

No one loves to comment on your love life (or lack there of), more than your family. That’s literally what they’re for I think. Once you hit your twenty’s, and you graduate from university/college, it is the only thing they have left to talk to you about. The holidays are the prime opportunity for them to grill you on the subject – at least in my family. Luckily for me, I have now been inducted into the “20-something, graduated, and single” hall of fame in my family, providing my old school, obnoxious, nosey, traditional Polish-Canadian family with a new topic of discussion. Since this weekend is Thanksgiving, I decided to share some of the wonderful things my loving family has come up with. The following are a couple of my personal favourite comments, here to remind the rest of you single 20-somethings that you are not alone.

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