What Happens When Most of Your Friends Are Guys

I don’t know who coined the phrase “men and women can’t be friends,” but  I am living proof that they definitely CAN be friends.

My core group of friends is dominated by guys. Sure, I have my close girlfriends of course, but I have a solid crew of dudes I am completely comfortable being around without the fear of a potential move being made. Netflix and chill, sans sex.

One of my oldest and best friends is a guy, and I am still close friends with the guys I went to elementary and high school with.

Since I spend so much time around my guy friends, I have begun to notice a thing or two. This is what happens, when most of your friends are guys (please note that these are just my personal experiences with my guy friends, I obviously do not speak for every group of friends, duh). Enjoy.

1. They sometimes forget you’re a girl.

I’ve been a witness to some pretty traumatizing events and conversations.

2. But they also flirt with you.

*rolls eyes into oblivion*

3. And even though you’re strictly just friends, they also notice (and say) when you look hot.

You KNOW you look good if your guy friends say so.

4. As a result, you become less insecure.
5. You start to think like a man.

Your mind is always in the gutter, and sometimes you think of sexual innuendoes before they do.

6. You start to care less about how you look.

No eyebrows on? Don’t care.

7. You never meet new guys because people always think you’re dating one of them.

Nope, single as can be.

8. People assume you’re hooking up with them all.


9. You learn how to properly play beer pong.

TBH I still suck, but at least I know the rules.

10. You always have someone to be your pretend boyfriend at the bar when creeps are hitting on you.


11. They translate boy talk and tell you when you’re being crazy.

“Oh my god he put a period after that sentence what does that mean?!”
“Claire that literally means he double tapped his space bar.”

12. You hear about penises more than you need to.

Which is both informative and disgusting.
(But tbh it’s also kind of a turn on.)

13. You judge a girl’s behaviour more critically because no girl will ever be good enough for them.

I don’t care if she is a cool, chill, funny, hot, blonde doctor with great clothes,  who saves starving children in Africa. She’s still not good enough! You can do better!

14. Their girlfriends usually don’t like you.

It’s fine, I get it sort of, if I were them I wouldn’t like me either (see #2).

15. You eat a lot more (they like to snack).

Pizza? Wings? McDonalds? Pitas? Sushi? Nachos?

16. They don’t understand your obsession with Harry Styles or the Kardashians.

But they secretly have One Direction songs on their phone.

17. There is very little drama.

It’s refreshing.

18. You always have someone to call to lift, move, carry, or fix things.
19. You also always have someone to call when you want a friend to chill in sweatpants and eat with.
20. You learn to take a joke.
21. You can definitely drink more than you thought you could.

And then they’re always there to carry your drunk af ass home.

22. They toughen you up.

See also #20 and #21.
They tell it to you like it is, and sometimes they get a little too honest.

23. They ask you questions about girls that They don’t understand.
24. You realize guys definitely have more feelings than you thought they did.
25. You pretend they’re gross and annoying, but they’re not.

I kind of love them (sometimes… maybe… a little).

26. You get to Steal their clothes.

I’ve got some solid flannel shirts from my guy friends and it’s great.

27. You basically have an army of boys to protect you.


Special shout out to all of my favourite guys. I seriously love hate you. ❤

claire and boys

boys christmas



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