Why Everyone Should Try Sarah’s Soaps

The lack of natural products in the cosmetic market is what pushed Sarah Milan to create her own at home business. Sarah created her own business known as Sarah’s Soaps to fulfill her needs for natural, preservative and chemical free skin care. As a result she began creating handcrafted, natural, vegan, artificial free body lotions, bath soaks, and soaps.

Her goal was to create quality products that would also be good for your skin, and overall health. She sells her products online on the official Sarah’s Soaps website, as well as at local craft markets, and salons.

I have tried a variety of her products and I have basically become OBSESSED! I have always had problems with my skin. It’s either too dry, rough, or covered in breakouts. It wasn’t until I realized that this could be from the harsh chemicals in some of the body washes and scrubs I was using.



One of the biggest life savers I’ve tried is Sarah’s “FACIAL PHILTER” soap. Activated with natural charcoal, and enriched with bentonite clay, and dead sea mud, this soap is formulated to detoxify, cleanse, nourish, and treat problem prone skin. It cleans pores of impurities and clarifies the skin to heal and prevent breakouts without drying your skin! This product is amazing! Especially if you’re prone to breakouts. The soap can be used not only on your face, but also on your shoulders, chest, etc. if you are prone to body breakouts! It’s a life saver.

Facial Philter

I have also tried a couple of the other body soaps as well – “Butt Naked” and “Peppermint” (which was a holiday scent). The bars of soap leave my skin feeling smooth, clean, and fresh. They come in a variety of scents, so I always smell amazing! However, lately I’ve been using the “Butt Naked” soap, which is unscented. I really like the neutral kind of smell it leaves, and I always feel squeaky clean and super soft after using it, especially if I exfoliate first.


body scrub

Exfoliating is necessary to cleanse skin and clean off dead skin cells, and I absolutely SWEAR by her homemade coffee and sugar “SKRUB.”  Coffee scrubs have become one of the most popular beauty trends this year. The caffeine from the coffee helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite, and the exfoliation helps to reduce scars and stretch marks by gently buffing away the build up of skin. The scrubbing motion also improves blood circulation. Sarah’s organic and fair trade coffee based body scrub contains organic sugar cane that exfoliates skin without irritation. The sugar and coffee is perfect to buff away dead skin to prevent and clear ingrown hairs before shaving, or waxing, and the coconut oil is a natural antibacterial oil that will keep skin nourished and clean. You can also place the coffee scrub under your eyes and let it absorb to reduce puffiness, dark circles, and bags! “SKRUB” is a definite must have!

Coffee Skrub


body butter

After exfoliating and lathering up, Sarah’s “COCONUT + SHEA” body butter is perfect to add some extra moisture to your skin. This product is lightweight and smells amazing. Shea has beneficial Omega 3 fatty acids that nourish skin. It also contains organic tapioca starch that helps to absorb excess moisture that your skin cannot absorb, leaving you with a dryer finish. The body butter features a variety of light weight oils and butters that provide extra vitamins like vitamin E, that help plump and nourish skin, minimize fine lines, and reduce the appearance of scars and irritation. Use this product after shaving, and I promise your legs will be softest you’ve ever felt.

Coconut + Shea


lip butter

Last, but not least, the “CHERRY BOMB” lip balm. This homemade lip butter doesn’t lie. It tastes as good as it sounds. Made with organic, gluten free, and plant extracted flavour oil, and filled with olive oil and rich Shea and cocoa butters, it is perfect for keeping your lips lush and moisturized! It is made using plant based wax not bees wax, allowing it to moisturize lips by absorbing, rather than sitting on top. This vegan lip butter leaves no residue or gross white buildup on your lips. It is a product everyone should definitely keep on hand.

Cherry Bomb


To find out more don’t forget to check out Sarah’s Soaps on sarahssoaps.ca. Use the coupon code SOCIBALL to get 15% off when you spend at least $20 on the Sarah’s Soap website. You can also check out Sarah’s Soaps on Facebook and Instagram!

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