How to Get Kylie Jenner’s Style

Even if you don’t like the Kardashian-Jenner family and have never watched an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians in your life, you STILL know who Kylie Jenner is.

And if you truly have no idea, then I have no idea why you are reading this.

Anyway, Kylie Jenner, also known as “KING KYLIE,” has one of the most iconic styles of our time. She has become a social media and popular culture phenomena. It is even up for debate whether or not she is becoming more famous than her older sister Kim Kardashian, who is arguably the most famous woman in the world. So basically, the moral of the story is that the Kylie Jenner craze has grown like wild fire over the past few years and she is KILLING IT.

Her Instagram is the definition of goals. This is where her edgy and iconic look slowly evolved to what it is today. So, if you’re like me, and envy the notorious King Kylie style, then here is how you can achieve a knock off Kylie Jenner closet with some key Kylie inspired pieces.

ATTENTION: knock off lip injections are not featured in this most, sorry girls.


grey hat


Remember the hat? This became an iconic Kylie staple, especially when she wore it with her long blue hair. It was also one of the staples for a Kylie Jenner themed Halloween costume in 2015. She has also been seen wearing similar white, and black hats.

You can find this look on: Amazon 

Black criss cross Bikinis


Kylie’s Instagram is filled with selfies of her in fabulous black bathing suits (and body). As long as you aren’t concerned about serious tan lines, then her bathing suit style is definitely for you.

You can find this bikini on: Revolve



Kylie is the official model for the cross strap bathing suit trend. But who wouldn’t want to look like Kylie in a bathing suit?

You can find a similar bikini look on: Go Jane


Long jacket and high waisted jeans


This look is classic and simple and is the closest you will ever get to actually feeling like  a Jenner/Kardashian. Crop tops are easy to find at most stores like Forever 21 or on Amazon.

You can find a jacket like Kylie’s on: Outfitmade

And the jeans can be found online or in stores at: Topshop


tan dress


This is one of Kylie’s most popular looks from the past year. You can never go wrong with a simple, fitted, neutral dress (especially because tan and beige coloured clothing are in right now). This is the perfect piece to complete your Kylie inspired wardrobe.

Get this look at: Mistress Rocks


blue plaid and black boots


For all you plaid lovers (like me) this look is made for you. You get the best of both worlds: an excuse to get more plaid clothing, and high black boots that will always be in style.

Get the look on: Revolve and Amazon


black jumpsuit


Black will always look good, and everyone can use a classic black jumpsuit in their wardrobe. You can pair this with a long red coat, or a another cute jacket, or wear it by itself.

You can find a similar jumpsuit at: Charloette Russe


moschino underwear


For those die hard Kylie fans who even love her underwear style (I can’t judge because I own Calvin Klein underwear like Kendall), Kylie often posts pictures wearing Moschino underwear. They look comfy, sporty, and sexy.

You can find Moschino underwear online on: Asos and Zalando and Shopbop

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