Why Everyone Needs to Listen to Halsey

Badland album cover

One night this past summer, while I was in a deep YouTube abyss, I stumbled upon a song called “Hold Me Down” by an artist named Halsey. I loved it. I listened to it over and over again. I ended up listening to few more songs by Halsey, and I soon became obsessed. The music was mesmerizing because it was a sound I had never really heard before. At the end of August, Halsey released her first full studio album called Badlands.

When I downloaded the album, I was immediately intrigued. Halsey’s sound is like the love child of Taylor Swift’s perfect lyrics and pop beats, that encompass exactly how you feel, mixed with Lorde’s edgy and alternative vibes. The album was everything I hoped for and more. Badlands is edgy, sexy, and rebellious. It gives you all the feels of love and infatuation mixed together with electronic, rock, and raw sounds. Halsey’s voice is unique, emotional, innovative, and real. Her high voice, mixed with the alternative sounds seriously gives ALL THE FEELS.

Like many people, Halsey (her stage name, an anagram for her real name, Ashley), got her start on YouTube. Coincidentally, in 2012 she recorded a parody to Taylor Swift’s song “I Knew You Were Trouble,” and called it “The Haylor Song” (aka Harry Styles and Taylor Swifts couple name). Unfortunately the video is impossible to find now, but she originally posted the video to her Tumblr page, which was, at the time, dedicated to her then favourite band, One Direction (aka badass Halsey was basically a fangirl). This surprised me a bit, because based on her sound and attitude, you wouldn’t expect her to be a former One Direction fan, right? Anyhow, “Ghost” was recorded a couple years later, and posted on SoundCloud, and the rest is history. Now, she is nominated for a 2016 People’s Choice Award for “Favourite Breakout Artist” (GO HALSEY!), and her most recent single called “New Americana” is making it’s way into Top 40 radio stations all over the world. Not to mention, she is featured on the new Justin Bieber album (I could not be more excited).

Now, let me tell you, I AM SO ABOUT HALSEY AND THIS ALBUM! (In case you didn’t gather that). On her website, her bio says she writes songs about “sex and being sad.” I know it seems like she’s slightly dark and depressing, but I PROMISE you, Badlands is seriously AMAZEBALLS. It is everything you didn’t know you needed in life. It is like the feeling you get when you’re driving in your car late at night, thinking about everything. Every girl always uses Taylor Swift as an example of an artist who’s music is relatable. Well, in my opinion, Halsey blows Taylor Swift right out of the water with this album. It can be a bit dark, with it’s electropop vibe, but it explains feelings that a Taylor Swift song just wouldn’t understand. You know what I mean? If you haven’t heard of her, just do me (and yourself) a favour, and look her up. Listen to one song, and just appreciate the sound. Please. I really feel like she is kicking ass and taking names in the music world. And if anyone is feeling generous, please get me Halsey concert tickets for Christmas.

My favourite songs on Badlands (in case you wanted to know):
Young God
Strange Love


This article was originally published on claireeball.com on Novemeber 12, 2015.

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