6 Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Lazy Girls

mean girls

With Halloween coming up this weekend, everyone is scrambling to finish the final touches on their costumes. I am not personally a huge fan of Halloween, mostly because it scares me, and also because it’s stressful and expensive. I refuse to spend a hundred dollars on a trashy costume I am going to wear once. There are some people who are so into Halloween they’ve been preparing since Easter to make sure their costume is perfect. Me? I can’t be bothered to think about Halloween until the last week of October and by then it’s already too late because you’re scrambling to figure something out. That being said, I decided to make a list of costumes that are very low maintenance, and are perfect for those last minute and cheap Halloween goers like myself.

  1. Paper Bag Princess – literally go to the grocery store (or ask your dad or neighbour or grandfather or literally anyone), buy one of those big huge paper bags that you put leaves in, and make it into a dress. All you have to do it make your hair look gross (aka don’t brush it), throw a crown on and you’re done!
  2. Vampire – this is a costume that actually goes with the idea that Halloween is supposed to be dark and scary, so it’s a nice change from the usual slutty costumes. All you have to do is go buy some fake pointy teeth from a local Halloween costume store, get a little bit of fake blood (or make some using recipes off Pinterest), and wear all black. Every girl owns black.
  3. Regina George – wear a skirt, a white tank top, and a purple bra (if you don’t have a purple bra, go to Wal-Mart and buy one for $10). Then proceed to cut boob holes in the shirt so the purple bra shows. Voilà, you are straight off the set of Mean Girls. And if people (for some reason) don’t know who you are, then you are free to judge them and also ask how old they are because if they don’t know who Regina George is then they probably aren’t old enough to drink at a bar.
  4. Hippie – Tie-dye a white shirt or wear one of your friends summery crochet tops, throw on some high waist shorts, maybe borrow some other summery bohemian type things like jewellery and hemp bracelets, wear your hair wavy and natural, and then go to an accessories store and buy a flower headband. BAM you’re a hippie or as I like to call it, a normal person at Coachella.
  5. Tom Cruise from Risky Business – Another iconic movie moment. If you don’t know it, Google it. This is probably the easiest costume ever. Borrow an oversized white dress shirt from your boyfriend, or dad, or go to a thrift store and buy one for like $12. Then wear some knock off Ray Bans and throw on some high white socks. This costume can also double as “the morning after” if you mess up your hair and lipstick.
  6. Some sort of animal – this is another reference straight from Mean Girls, but it’s also very easy to do when you’re in a pinch. Basically wear whatever you want, a dress, tight black leggings, whatever floats your boat, then go to the store and buy some animal ears. This is over done by every single college girl in world, but whatever. If you want to spruce it up, buy bunny ears and wear a hockey jersey and now you can call yourself a “puck bunny,” or wear red and buy Minnie Mouse ears and call yourself Minnie, or wear a black dress and put on a backwards K using rhinestones from the dollar store and eyelash glue and call yourself Karen.

I'm a mouse

This article was originally published on claireeball.com on October 30, 2015.

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